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Our Story


People drive by our church every day and we are sure they have many questions but don’t know who to ask. In a short story, we will attempt to paint a picture of who we are, a bit of our history, and what we believe.


Many years ago, a Pastor was called by the Lord to minister to the Military Personnel on base at Camp Grayling. As all-to-often happens, the changes on the base required relocation of the Sunday School to the former Holiday Inn. Later, the mini-church moved to the old Cornell Insurance Building, where Walgreen's pharmacy is now located. The Lord directed the small group of believers to build their own building, which is where we are located today.


Our church family is comprised of a group of Believers who love the Lord, are desirous of His direction and guidance and committed to supporting the local community with various avenues of ministry. We believe that interacting with other community churches is vital in looking after all of God’s children. For many years we have provided V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School) and a Halloween Fall Funfest providing Biblical training and a time of safe fun for the neighborhood kids. Our men have opened our doors with an annual Wild Game dinner and included other community churches. We join other local churches in supporting the Christian Help Center and along with our local grocery sponsor, provided pallets of bottled water to those in Flint during the water emergency. We also have a Pregnancy Center to provide training, help, and support to young mothers.


Reslife believes that we are all members of the Body of Christ. We believe in the Power of Prayer!! We have seen prayer change lives time and again.   Each and every one of us has God Given talents. We encourage everyone to be involved in learning together, ministering together and provide a strong social bond extending God’s blessing to the World.


We invite you to come as you are… God will change you. Join us as we travel the highway of life and together God will change us, our families, our city, and our Country.

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